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WIXTrac GPS Tracker: Ensuring Properties are meant to celebrate, not to ponder about

Assets should be the treats for you; not the burdens of theft or something like that. On this regard, here at WIXTrac, we have come up with the most endearing GPS asset tracking system. It wipes your woes out and makes things apparent about your assets at each position.

Being specific, the devices like WIXTrac WS3, WIXTrac WL7 have been the most buzzed asset tracking system currently in Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney) in terms of keeping you and your devices hassle free. WIXTrac WS3 has been one of the best tracking products since day one. WIXTrac WL7 has been praiseworthy in terms of location tracing, information transfer, etc playing perfectly in concomitant with GPRS/HSPA/CDMA. If you are looking for the most convincing solution for fleet tracker at minimal price, WIXTrac WL7 can be a perfect recommendation for you. 

In short, WIXTrac wants to ensure assets are meant to cherish, not to worry about.

WIXTrac WX7 - Plug and Play Device

WIXTrac WX7 is a vehicle Telematics unit that easily plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port for simple plug-and-play installation. WX7 is ideal for applications such as: Usage Based Insurance, Car Rental, Fleet Management, ...

Asset Tracking System