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WX9 OBDII J1939 Plug & Play Tracker

WIXTrac WK7 is a vehicle Telematics device/GPS tracker with GPS and UMTS/HSPA/CDMA communication which is able to monitor vehicle location and remote control via UMTS/HSPA/CDMA network. With its intelligent event control engine, users can define various combinations of vehicle conditions and generate various actions to meet their unique requirements.


  • Data communication by SMS/TCP/UDP
  • High GPS sensitivity
  • Built-in 3-axis G-sensor
  • FOTA firmware upgrade using FTP
  • Configurable Real Time Tracking & Logging
  • 32 user defined geofences
  • *Roaming preference settings
  • Harsh driving behavior events
  • Configurable power management
  • OBDII data collection
  • FMS I J1939 data collection
  • Fuel economy calculation
  • User defined OBDII event transmission
  • OBDII Diagnostic trouble code reporting
  • Intelligent event control engine
  • Buffered event message of 150,000 positions
Personal Tracking System : WX9 OBDII J1939 Plug & Play Tracker