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WIXTrac GPS Tracker: It’s like a complete remote controller for vehicles, properties, and assets

It is not possible to carry your belongings and assets with you everywhere, but you can be assured of their security and safety always. WIXTrac’s supreme GPS tracking system enables you in doing so in the best fashion you wish.

It is now possible to deal with your multiple vehicles from one position through a browser. WIXTrac GPS vehicle tracking system has made this possible. Especially, it has turned out to be like a perfect gift in terms of operating a transport business. The best part is that it enables you in having reported, getting notified about crucial information like an accident or the vehicle speed, etc. through mail or SMS. 

Well, WIXTrac brings good news for your entire set of properties. Its most superior personal GPS tracking device has been absolutely accomplishing in terms of keeping your very endearing own products at a safer side. In addition, the WIXTrac GPS asset tracking system lets you have the complete information about your properties, the moment you wish.

Intelligent Bus Telematics System

The intelligent bus management is the important part of modern public transportation systems. WIXTrac's Intelligent Bus Telematics System is based on facilities of buses and bus stops and technologies of GPS and portable mobile communication networks. The system can help the bus transportation managers efficiently manage bus routes, provide real-time bus schedules for their passengers and improve riding experience as well.

Tracking for Transportation Companies

Business problems Transportation companies solve with WIXTrac Solution
  • Need to lower the fleet usage cost
  • Need to minimize the risk of vehicle theft and stolen merchandise
  • Need to know when a transport will arrive
  • Need to assign the most suitable vehicle for new urgent transport

Tracking and Despatch for Utility Companies

Business problems Utilities companies solve with WIXTrac Solution
  • Need to quickly locate an item that needs service
  • Need to quickly assign the most suitable and closest vehicle to a service assignment
  • Need to explain the route and address of the next service assignment to the driver
  • Need to follow up on optimal usage of the service fleet

Real-time GPS tracking for Car Rental Companies

Business problems Car Rental companies solve with WIXTrac Solution
  • Need to quickly find vehicle with car breakdown
  • Need to recover and stop stolen vehicles
  • Need to know if car will be returned on time
  • Need to decrease costs and risk connected to speeding
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