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WixTrac's Intelligent Bus Telematics System, including terminal devices, a monitor center, a bus information service system and intelligent bus stops, provides the professional telematics system for buses.

Terminal Devices

The terminal devices include a tracker, bus stop LED displays, a PND and LED displays. The tracker, built in GPS and GPRS/3G modules, can transmit real-time locations of buses to the monitoring center for data analysis. Bus drivers can download bus schedules and routes through PNDs. The driving information will be simultaneously transmitted to the monitoring center.

Bus Information Service Center

The purpose of the bus information service system is to provide passengers information through the Web site, the voice response system and the intelligent bus stops.

Monitoring Center

The monitoring center is a management center that provides real-time vehicle monitoring, data analysis, reports, database management, device monitoring, account management, data backup, operation records, tracking records, route tracking and bus stop monitoring.

Intelligent Bus Stops

  • The purpose of the intelligent bus stops is to provide passengers information of policies and decrees, next stops, interchange points and current time.
  • Can save data of 20 routes and 800 bus stops.
  • Compute the distance from a bus location to a stop and transmit data to the monitor center while the bus approaches a stop or departs from a stop.
  • Broadcast bus information.


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WIXTrac - Intelligent Bus Telematics System